Monday, December 12, 2011

It all started when...

I said I didn't want to be home alone on Friday night, and wouldn't you know, my weekend filled up quicker than the line at Khol's on a Khol's Cash weekend (and that's fast!)

I had a hair appointment Friday evening which always takes a good chunk of time but it's nice to just sit and chat/catch up with Kaitlin when I see her, and it's me crazy but that feeling when the foil is being pulled out of my hair - it nearly puts me to sleep!

Anyway, by the time my hair was done and I was on my way to a dinner date with Randalicious, it was nearly 9 and Bre and Dave were meeting us at the Morrison Inn. Also on the way was my uncle Brian who was being a bachelor for the weekend, and by the time Dad and I got there, everyone was working on margaritas already.

Excited about finishing up all my homework and being done with school I jumped right in.

I know this looks gross, but I have never tried raspberry before and I was a little worried when it came out brown but it tastes like they use raspberry iced tea to make it --- sooo good!

We spent the evening laughing and telling funny jokes - mostly at the expense of the men at the table and the waitress even brought a sparkler to the table with my sopapillas as a "Congratulations!" on graduation - I think she overheard a toast we all shared on the subject.

After her second margarita, Bre informed the table what time it was...

So we named as many presidents as we could and called it a night.

On Saturday, I spent the morning having a much delayed book club discussion over "Gone with the Wind" and then went shopping with one of my best friends. Can I just say, I love Khol's. Between their reusable coupons, every day sales and Khol's Cash, I finished up my shopping this weekend and came in under budget. Including something for myself which I skipped on last year.

When I got home with all my goodies it was time to start wrapping. For a while it seemed like Bre might have more presents under the tree than anyone - only because I forgot all the stuff I have been stock piling for Aiden. Now there's hardly any room for the presents from the North Pole!

It took all day, but everything I have is wrapped, so as long as I can wrap things as they come in the mail I will be stress free Christmas Eve!

For dinner on Saturday night I met Bre, Dave and Dalton for dinner -- Bre and I have been competing for check in points on FourSquare and had to clue Dave in so we could get free chips and salsa...this is becoming my favorite app very quickly - second free appetizer in less that 5 days.

Then we headed over to the Denver Botanical Gardens Trail of Lights at Chatfield.

First, it was very pretty and some of the displays were highly impressive.

Secondly, it was freeeeezing!

All in all, really pretty lights but for $9.50 a person you can probably enjoy hot chocolate in your warm car and much funnier displays in your neighborhood. But I was really happy to get out of the house and spend more time with my sister - if you had told me 5 years ago I would think she was one of my best friends - I would have laughed at you. But I couldn't be more grateful, especially at this time of year and at this point in my life, that I have her so close to me.

I am also really glad to have Aiden so close and cuddly these days too!

Here's to keeping ahead at the holidays!

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Constant Writer said...

We went to the blossoms of light at the York st. botanic gardens, and I thought they were great, but these lights actually look much more impressive!