Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Present Predicament

This year was the first time Aiden was really taking note about presents under the tree at Christmas and asking about them. And even a couple times trying to open them when my back was turned. He had a lot of fun opening everything on Christmas and probably felt very relieved to know what was in them all.

However, a funny thing happened the day after Christmas...he went over to the tree, put his hands up and asked, "Presents gone?" It was pretty funny, and also a little sad - like he was realizing...oh man I have to wait another year.

Lucky for him, his birthday is 3 days after Christmas so he gets a double dose of presents, but unfortunately for me, they just kinda keep rolling in so Aiden gets a bit confused and doesn't really know why he's getting them.

Anyway, the night before his birthday, he knew something was up and he was really asking about presents. Since I am such a sucker, I decided that he could have one and told him, "this is for your birthday which is tomorrow."

He ripped it right open and started playing with it.

Since we get totally bombarded with gifts this time of year, there is no telling how many movies and toys we will end up with, so I always try to get a few that are more geared toward learning.

The refrigerator magnets are a hit!

And they kept him busy for a whole 15 minutes before he remembered his other, more fun toys from Christmas.

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