Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays

OutNumbered is officially a year old! Thank you for all of your support and interest and especially for your inspiration!

Anyway, last time I posted I mentioned Aiden's speech therapy -- this week "Miss Jo" continued to impress. Aiden woke up from a nap shortly before she arrived and was very cranky. Since he needs minimal intervention, she was only supposed to stay half and hour and Aiden wasted 20 minutes of it crying and whining -- so she stayed a full hour to make sure we actually got some stuff done.

She was impressed with his sign language and thinks he is a good candidate to learn more, not that he won't learn and speak English just fine, but his best shot at being bilingual is going to be signing.

He got a wonderful snowy weekend with Grandma and Papa Tennant and came home shouting "Go Broncos! Run Fast!" So cute...

Tonight we decided that we should get serious about the holidays and write Santa and letter -- and opps! Mom forgot to show him the Advent calendar last week.

So we sat down with the calendar first, and we got about as far as "this is the day Santa comes..." but when I asked what else was important about that day he figured out how to get candy out of the calendar.

Of course, after we set the calendar up on the shelf, he was back ten minutes later asking about a "Christmas treat."

After my failed attempt at explaining the advent calendar I had him crawl up in my lap at the table and helped him write a Christmas list...I suggested the last thing ;) but he requested all that's listed. Pretty funny -- and I let him write his name with a little assistance.

Happy Holidays!!


Rachel said...

Such a cute letter :) And I love the "Christmas treat" request. I can imagine it being difficult to get the whole "one candy a day" concept!

Constant Writer said...

He writes really well for being so young! (I'm making the assumption that your assistance was with spelling...) That is quite the Christmas list, though I seem to remember mine being substantially longer.
I'm glad he's doing well with his speech training, and that's really cool that he's getting to learn sign language in the process!

Outnumbered said...

Yeah I wrote the letter for him and he told me what he wanted (it was also my idea to put the part in about family) and then he helped hold the marker to write his name