Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While I was away...

Aiden kept his dad and his grandparents very busy at the lake. I tried to squeeze in as much time with him as I could Sunday and Monday; I really missed that little guy!

It was pretty close to bed time for the Bub by the time we were reunited but I got in lots of hugs and kisses. Not only were Aiden and I reunited, but so were Erik and Steve. He's home for a couple weeks and we plan to squeeze him in as much as possible too. After Aiden went to bed we spent some time on the deck sharing beers and listening to Erik's stories - some sad, some funny.

When we went to the beach fire, Erik was noticing that even after years and years (and miles and miles) - some things just never change. Same party, different people. I usually try to just sit back and relax at the lake, most of the time I am decently sober too, so I know exactly what he means. I just kinda watch it all come and go and smile for the memories, giggle at the drama, and squish the sand in my toes.

The 4th of July was pretty low key for us...

A funny discussion between Aiden and Papa about the water fall:

After playing around on the deck we splashed on the beach for a little bit.

In case you don't understand what is happening here:

Since I stopped at The Lake on the way home from Nebraska, we didn't have a ride home. Luckily, Aiden was planning to stay a couple extra days with Papa and Grandma so there was only 3 of us that needed a ride. And we crammed into the back of a car together. *Note: the ice cream machine at Stubs was broken, how un-American for this to happen on the 4th, and if you ask me all week why I am in a bad mood - this explains it*

When we got home, I went with Randalicious to Crown Hill. I never blogged about it but I made my first trip in May so this was my second visit. For whatever reason, this time was harder. I think it was something my silly dad said when he laid the flowers down between his parents, "You two be good and share now!" It was funny and sweet and sad and I just felt so immensely full of longing for them both. On the way home Randalicious was asking about Erik and how long he was in town and other odds and ends and I just kept tearing up. It's so important to realize what we have while we have it, and to surround ourselves only with what we love passionately, and to appreciate every day and every breath. That night, the three of us went a little towards the edge of Littleton to sit on a Chile's patio and watch the various fireworks shows.

Since Aiden was away for the evening Steve, Erik and I went to see Super 8 after dinner. Well, if you asked them, I dragged them kicking and screaming (because they hated it!) but I loved it! It reminded me a lot of ET  and it was visually spectacular. The music was beautiful too, there were a few moments where I was tearing up a little bit and didn't know whether it was because of the movie or the music. Splendid!

Heading back to work on Tuesday was rough. I was tired and it was busy and I just wanted to go back to bed. Fortunately I picked up speed a bit by the end of the day and was more my chipper self in time for dinner with the family for Grammie's birthday. As per usual, the best thing to eat at Armadillo is dessert, so we had plenty of it. And then Steve and I went off on another adventure.

This time, we wanted to see Bad Teacher but had like an hour to kill before the movie started so we thought we would catch a preview of the new Transformers movie, ya know, just to decide if we wanted it on our Netflix list....We got totally sucked in! It wasn't Oscar worthy by any means, but I doubt Cameron Diaz was either so it all evens out. We were just to lazy to get up and go to the movie that we actually went to the theater to see! Poor Aiden, something tells me he has years of parental embarrassment ahead of him...


Constant Writer said...

That's hilarious about the movie theater switcheroo. I saw Bad Teacher and my friend from work saw Transformers this weekend! Despite my affinity for Jason Segel, Bad Teacher was actually pretty funny--in a "I'm going to hell for seeing this movie and laughing at it" kind of way.

Carlye said...

Sounds like Charlie and Aiden had similar weeks :) I love the videos, seeing the things Charlie will someday be able to do! What sweet little blondies

Outnumbered said...

It's very exciting! But I was actually talking this weekend with an older friend who's kids are grown and was telling him, ya know, I really wish he was still just a tiny immobile ball of blankets sometimes.