Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lets get Orientated

Following the minor freak out about Aiden's pre-school enrollment, I received a call from the pre-school with an update about construction and payment and I stated asking all my questions. The poor woman on the phone only replied with, "Are you going to make it to parent orientation?"

To which I replied, "Uhhh....what's that?"

I repeat, poor woman.

Last night was parent orientation. I sat, feeling slightly out of place because of my age, lack of partner, and totally clueless-ness, with all the other parents and studied the handbook in a big seminar room. It felt like I was back in night class. Taking notes, following along with the power point, I was ready for any potential pop-quiz, I promise you that.

After we went over all the major to-dos, we got to separate and go to our kid's classrooms to meet teachers. Mrs. Hastings will be with Aiden for the school year and I love her. I had to fill out a survey about Aiden's strengths and weaknesses and what I want him to learn.

First of all, I am a horrible parent - strengths: I blanked. What do they mean? He's really good at choo-choos...I tried not to panic, took a couple breaths and it came to me - he can name at least 30 animals. He knows his colors (except red v green - not to worry vision screening in September will tell us if he's color blind). And he is an excellent baseball hitter.

Weaknesses...again, I choked. My precious angel has no weaknesses....but ultimately I went with sharing, counting (he says 1, 2, 5, 1 when he counts) and communicating verbally instead of physically when he gets frustrated.

I decided I really want Aiden to learn his alphabet and numbers this year. When I handed in my survey, the teacher said, "Are you not worried about him learning potty training?"

Wow, I have become a master in the fine art of "dropping the ball." I inquired, "Is that really an option?" And she told me, she would be very surprised if Aiden wasn't potty trained by the end of September, at the very least, the end of her class.

I am feeling a lot better about this.

Now, we just need to find a back pack and a lunch box.


COmeetsNE said...

I am so excited for him! And for you :) As per usual totally glad you are going through this first so I know what to do when it's mine turn soon. Thanks for that :) Love you!

Outnumbered said...

Happy to do it, love you too!

Carlye said...

I absolutely love this! The idea of school (pre-school or any other kind of school) starting for someone I think of as a 'baby,' is nuts! Congrats on the milestone, Britt (and Aiden)

Constant Writer said...

I am catching up on all your blog posts since I've been w/o internet for a little while now and this one struck me most. It's short, but it's honest and funny and I can totally picture everything that happened.
Looking forward to keeping up with what antics preschool may bring ;)