Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Makes the World Go 'Round

Recently, I've been getting lots of music recommendations and even happening upon some pretty good stuff on my own.I have always been an avid music listener and these days, it seems like I have a song to describe every day - a life soundtrack.

Some of my new favorites include: Audra Mae, Cary Brothers, Maxwell, Colin Hay, and Marc Broussard - to name a few...

I've also been getting a great deal of live music in these days as well. I have officially been to every Lightleaks show (there have only been two) and cheered on my cousin very enthusiastically. Check his stuff out at: play+record

My sister and I went to see him at the Walnut Room downtown last week - the location which requires you to drive through Five Points that is....

Me and Bre waiting for the show to start

Bre and Chris 
Me and Jeff after the show

When we saw them the first time it was for Battle of the Band: Global Dance Festival and they came in 3rd, so close to playing Red Rocks! That was downtown also and there were so many bands playing that no one really got to do sound-checks and every band just had to throw their best stuff out there. I may be biased but I thought they sounded awesome anyway, and at the Walnut Room they sounded even better. I couldn't be more proud!

So the Lightleaks show was Thursday night and then there was a big group of us who went to see Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan and The Band Perry on Friday night - I am astonished how versatile my tastes have grown to be...

Us girls waiting for the show to start

We didn't get there in time to see The Band Perry but Luke Bryan was getting started right when we found seats - he made the night for me.

While it was still light out and I was groovin to Luke I couldn't help but think about how much bigger Fiddler's Green seemed when I was younger. I know that's an obvious statement, but I remember thinking it could hold a million people. I was also doing so pretty awesome country-concerts-with-my-mama-reminiscing. 

Luke made the night for me - Rain Makes Wiskey!
When Tim McGraw started, he did a couple songs from the center general admission section of the amphitheater.

Opening with Somethin Like That

Working the crowd 
 When he made his way to the stage he introduced the Dance Hall Doctors - and if you know anything about Tim you would agree his best album was Tim McGraw and the Dance Hall Doctors - well if you're me you think so anyway... But this was a very pleasant surprise because those guys can really kill it.

We also found out that the entire tour he's doing right now is for Sirius Satellite Radio so we got to hear pretty much every hit he's ever had!

The music in my life these days has been extremely inspiring, I just hope it keeps on playin'

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