Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Rockies Kid

This year for Father's Day, Bre and I decided to get Rockies tickets for Dad so we could all go together. Unfortunately, summer schedules don't always allow much flexibility. So in June, when we picked tickets, we decided on a late summer, evening game. On Tuesday, we finally went to the ball park.

Aiden has been to baseball games before, the first one when he was about 6 months old and being used by Uncle Nik to pick up girls ;) And again even this year with Papa -- but he slept through the whole thing.

He was definitely awake and alert for this game. There was a lot of interesting stuff going on -- like peanut cracking and eating, water fountains, ice cream, and since we were sitting along the foul line he got to see lots of fly balls up close and personal.

The Rockies had a very exciting come back and win on Monday night, and we thought they might make it a repeat performance on Tuesday night (thus the fountain going off) which made for an interesting game at least. But unfortunately, Giambi doesn't get to bat three times in a row.

Aiden didn't seem to mind though. He was too busy playing musical laps and keeping the ground beneath our seats clean - he's a very neat little boy.

After the game, it was pretty precious -- Aiden didn't want to leave with out saying "Buh-bye water, buh-bye baseball, buh-bye Rockies" -- I think he's gonna be a big fan of baseball games.

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