Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aiden's Favorite Phrases

"C'mon Mommy" in conjunction with "Stand up," or "Get up."

"Hide-Seek-Please" which is followed by his version of the game in which he hides you himself then counts as follows (while *questionably* closing his eyes) "One, two, ready not!"

"Mommy, up cue" - some how this translates to, "Please carry me mom."

"Nefick" - when he wants to watch Netflix

"Boogers taste good," surprisingly clearly he says this, and then rubs his tummy to follow with, "mmmmmm"

"Please, thank-you, candy." When he feels he deserves a treat.

He has also become quite the backseat driver. He tells me to stop on red and go on green, and sometimes to take such actions when I legally can not. He has figured out which way to go to whomever's house and tells me often that I am going the wrong way, by pointing out the correct route to the destination of HIS choice - and will then cry if I go another way. When speeding up on on-ramps he feels it necessary to say, "Mom, woah!"

When cranky and being tickled he says, "Leave it alone. Enough Mom."

He has a funny way of counting the stairs - that is 1 through 13 then they become W-X-Y-Z

He finds it irresistibly funny when he is spoken to in a British accent about Kipper the Dog and is pretty good at saying, "Tea, toast, Kippah" in his own little accent

Aiden sings. Whatever is on tv or the radio, he tries to sing along. And boy does he get mad if you try to sing with him - this is a one man show!

Anyway, for all this silliness...Aiden is speaking wonderfully and clearly and with 3 and 4 words strung together these days. He is progressing amazingly! I am one happy and entertained mama.

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