Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy Body

Literally. Aiden doesn't have time to be the type of busy body that is all up in everyone's business because frankly his business is being busy himself.

On Saturday we met up early with Grandma and Grandpa Deiker (he spent Friday night with them) and had plans to meet up with them again at lunch time so we went to McDonald's for pancakes and play-place shenanigans.

Then we went to the park. Aiden has been OBSESSED with igloos recently - he watches a very bizarre clay-mation series on Netflix called "Pingu" - all about penguins and igloos and the funny things that happen to them. So at the park when he saw the big, dome-shaped monkey bars set, he said, "IGLOO!"

And of course we did some major slipper-sliding.

Aiden and Mommy even raced down some slides together.

And he spent some time on this apparatus which he called a boat.

Part of the appeal of going to the park was to ride his bike, but by the time we headed back he was tired and didn't feel like peddling, so he cheated...

But Kane Buggey wasn't havin it...

So Aiden tuckered himself out some more.

 Here's to wearing down your toddlers with manual labor ;)

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