Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Last Day Off Together

Every year, I am fortunate enough to get off the entire week between Christmas and New Years which Aiden's birthday falls smack dab in the middle of. This year we really took advantage of the time together and did lots of fun stuff. Went to movies, Casa Bonita, played with all of our new toys, watched all of our new movies, cooked together, napped together, and  found all sorts of mischief to get into.

Unfortunately, the time off slipped away far to quickly. Yesterday was our last day home playing together, so we tried to make the most of it.

Started the day off with a delicious waffle breakfast with Randalicious, then off to the barber for a haircut. Since his hair has been getting shaggy, his face looks younger and more round, when I got him all clippered up and outfitted with a faux hawk for going back to school, he looked so much older in his face.

But adorable none the less :)

After his haircut, we did a little shopping. Aiden picked out some big boy underwear which were on sale for "buy one get one half off." I justified the purchase two ways - 1. I have really been pushing the potty recently with positive rewards so I figured with these big boy under pants around maybe the extra motivation would be good. 2. We're going to need them soon anyway, the smallest size is even a bit big for him and he has to be potty trained for the 3-4 year old class at school this year anyway.

After shopping I thought he might take a little snooze on the couch at Randalicious' house so I could get in a little reading, but I ended up snuggling up with him anyway.

Before heading home I made a grocery store run to get us all set for the week, buy stuff for lunch and all the mid week meal necessities, then I had the guys meet me at home. Aiden finally crashed. Since it was almost 7 I thought, maybe I'll just slip his PJs on and get him down early. But when I took his hoodie off, he got pretty mad at me - mad enough not to go back to sleep.

So we ate dinner and played blocks. Aiden showed Papa how to build houses and tunnels, and he used his new craft table which I am LOVING! No more play-doh on the coffee table :)

 Inspecting his handy work.

Luckily, because of the busy day and the short lived evening nap, Aiden settled down early and we got lots of rest. Until he wet the bed around 4 am that is...I think he knew I had to go back to work today ;)

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