Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Charming Dahling...

I had a very productive weekend, and by productive, I mean I spent a great deal of my time on Saturday bopping around town and shopping with my best friend Kelly.

Besides being Clinique make-up buddies, I also needed to get to the craft store and Kelly has been telling me about this FABULOUS place in Belmar called Charming Charlie. Just like she said I would, this store made me feel like a little girl!

It's full of hair accessories, purses, shoes, jewelry, etc. All the merchandise is sorted into sections by color (Silver, Gold, Purple, Black, White, Pink, Red, and on and on) then in each section there are rows of hair pieces, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, all grouped together.

It has a very classy, upscale look and feel with the chandeliers and displays, and it helps that everything is so sparkly, but to my utmost enjoyment and surprise, the average item price ranges $4-9!! 

I was able to walk away with a sizable amount of "princess-ness" in my bag without breaking the bank or feeling bad about spending money on accessories.

It's silly how funny this stuff looks just laying on the jewelry dresser, but oh so fun and flirty when put to good use.

Here's to all the little princesses at heart <3

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