Monday, January 16, 2012

Off To A Start

Whether it's good or not, I don't know...

My recent health problems have thrown a monkey wrench into Aiden's potty training plans. Luckily, we have all the time in the world to dirty up those big boy pants, so we will post-pone for a couple days.

Anyway, a week ago I made his potty chart...

All the squares look a bit over whelming but I didn't want to keep making new charts so I was thinking every 20th square would be a "Prize Square"

And, in case you didn't notice, I draw a mean Elmo ;)

And I got a special jar for Aiden's potty treats.

Now everything is set up in the bathroom nice and neat! And wouldn't you know, the treats right there by the potty make all the difference. I am so smart (so far as young, single, first time moms go). He has been going into the bathroom, looking at the treat jar and at the potty and making the connection and asking to go potty so he can have a treat.

Granted he doesn't always have to go potty, but the more he tries, the less accidents we will have when the big boy under pants come into play. And so what if sometimes he gets an extra treat for just getting dressed without throwing a fit...(young, single, first time mom remember - give me a break).

He's showing more and more every day that he is capable of this and I am excited to finally see some big progressive leaps forward!


Constant Writer said...

The first thing I noticed was the Elmo! That's amazing! I think this is a great strategy--positive reinforcement is always a good approach ;)

Outnumbered said...

The damn demon possessed cat, ripped the potty chart off the wall this weekend and shredded it! Poor Elmo!