Friday, January 27, 2012

Taking Turns

Is not Aiden's strong suit...

Recently we have been struggling with sharing and the word "mine" which I keep telling him is not in fact a real word, the word he means to use is "ours."

Anyway, Steve and I took him bowling on Sunday, and this sharing and taking turns problem was all over the place. First of all, when Mommy and Daddy got special shoes, Aiden was very distraught over not getting some as well and even took his shoes off in an attempt to steal Steve's.

Once we settled the issue of bowling shoes, we had the issue of bowling balls. Even though he picked out his own bowling ball, Aiden insisted on using Mom's or Dad's - which is fine.

Except when it wasn't his turn. Every turn was "Daden's TUUUURN!" as he said. I don't mind letting him bowl for me, we went bowling for his sake anyway, but it was a little hilarious that I lost to both him and Steve.

And it was absolutely adorable watching him watch the ball after he sent it down the lane.

The one thing he did share on Sunday was that vanilla milkshake...

Only because Mommy had pop and he wanted that instead.

"Mine, Mine, Mine."

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