Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being this busy means Summer is almost here!

We had quite the houseful this weekend! Aiden and I spent all morning Saturday getting ready for Grandpa's Birthday Party. We went to the party store for decorations and silly hats, we went to the grocery store for burgers and cake and of course, because I am a procrastinator, we had to find a birthday present.

Aiden was pooped by lunchtime but no way was he going to take a nap while I was decorating the kitchen with flowers and lights and Happy Birthday Banners. So he held the tape and we turned the kitchen into Hawaii (kind of). Then we had to bake the cake, which surprisingly enough, Aiden wanted nothing to do with! He didn't want to like the beaters, or the bowl and he didn't even want a finger swipe of frosting!! Sheesh - oh well, more for Mommy to enjoy. So we had our family over for BBQ and cake early in the afternoon. Aiden was delighted to have so many people to watch him run around the yard and display his expertise in bike riding.
Showing Aunt B what's what
Ok, here's a question for you....
How many men does it take to drive a power wheels??
Getting some steering advice from Grandpa
Ready for the rough terrain
Trying to figure out the reverse/forward switch
Anyway, he was exhausted by the end of the day he had so much fun showing off for everyone. When our friends from the lake showed up he even went so far as to try taking his 4 wheeler vertically up the hill...

But he was thwarted again by the darn reverse/forward shifter...

He also go some quality slide time in at the park while everyone was playing softball and then he crashed hard at bedtime - the key to sleeping babies is lots of running around before hand ;) After Aiden was down, we had even more BBQ and best of all, s'mores!! It was some miracle that our house was empty by 11 pm that's for sure.

Well, here is to another full week!!

And here are some cute pics to keep you goin!
Playing with our Sponge Bob bubbles
this stuff is tricky!
Happy Birthday Papa!
Aiden lovin on Dex
Poor Dex

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