Thursday, April 14, 2011

focus on the positive

Before I begin - I feel it important to remind anybody who is reading - the 30 days of truth challenge is not an aim to change anyone else or myself. I aim to be honest, if that may be a problem for you, walk away now.

Why are some of these prompts/questions so negative? I can not for the life of me say who I would single out and name in a public manner as someone who treated me like shit. Not because the choices are numerous or the crimes so complex, but because I just don't care. Further more, anyone who chose and fixated on a person relating to themselves in this way after reading "Day 8" -- probably has too much time on their hands.

I instead choose to take this time to reflect on the person I have grown into, who would never name someone out loud that was so evil to me, because it just doesn't help the situation. *Pats self on back*

Also, if you are struggling to let go in some way of some monstrosity that you feel was done to you by one such person, I want to take this time to urge you to let it go. How much energy and emotion do you waste being so angry and so mean spirited? If you really have the extra effort to put into this task, please call me and you can babysit a couple hours, help me with flash cards, wash my laundry, send some ad proofs for choose. Point is, living well is the best revenge.

I wish there was a way to tell all the angry people - perhaps they should care as much as the mean people cared about them...that is not at all. It is liberating.

Now, go forth. Be happy. Make yourself busy. Make your self a cake. Throw a party. Celebrate your accomplishments, big and small. Clean your house. Get a pet. Pet a cow in a petting zoo. Take a trip to the zoo. Be adventurous. Be selfish with your emotions - save them for your desires, your passions, and your bright tomorrows.

Let. Go.

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Constant Writer said...

Totally agree. Angry people are not fun to be around because they spend so much of their time bitching about what other people did to them and why those people suck. Instead of venting, like healthy people do, they fester. That anger doesn't get released when they share this stuff; it gets propagated and it spreads to the people around them. Dwelling on stuff and letting it build and eat away at your isn't good, for you or the people who are nice enough to put up with you. It's so much better to let things go sometimes. It feels like you can breathe easier.
Sorry for rambling. But you've hit one of my pet peeves right on the head this time--angry people need to stop allowing themselves to be so angry all the time!

Outnumbered said...

AMEN! don't worry - be happy!