Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Toledo! Healthiest Loser Week 3 Begins

Week 2 was an awesome success, considering it was Easter this weekend and all...
Percentage lost: 2.5%
In Pounds: 3.5
Money Stashed: $17.50

I don't want to give the flu too much credit but I assume it was a factor unfortunately. However, I choose to give the majority of credit to the Week 3 Challenge which I started last week.

Become a member of Livestrong.com - they help you track your exercise, tell you how much work you're doing with each activity, let you build work-outs, they even have "kissing" as a form of calorie loss! They compare it with the food you report in so you get a net weight gain every day.

Best part is, you tell them your goal, for me I wanted to lose 1.5% body weight per week til I reach my goal and they told me how many calories a day I can have to achieve it. Awesomely enough, they recognize so many foods that you not only track your calories for the day but your sodium and nutrient and protein intakes. This way you should see where you waste calories on unhealthy foods and can enjoy more throughout the day if you are eating a balanced diet. It's pretty freakin sweet!

As I mentioned, you report your exercise too so they subtract from your calorie intake based on how much movin and shakin you're doing - turns out I get to eat lots more goodies on the days I chase Aiden around :)

If you're following along or not, I highly recommend you check it out. If nothing else, it is really cool to see the nutrition values of what you eat regularly and to see the trending for particular foods. Also, if you're in a work-out slump, they have a million and one ideas, just click "Fitness."


Anonymous said...

Love it! I actually found this really great app on my phone that does the same thing. And every day at the end it tells me "if you have another day like think you'll be..." however many pounds in so long. Its really cool! Plus there is this scanner thing that will scan a bar code and the food comes up. But having a program like this helps so much!
Congrats on the weight loss!

Outnumbered said...

So funny you mention the future projection, I was looking at my livestrong account today and pulled up my projected weight loss (Obviously I won't let this happen) but it said by the end of my 8 weeks I will be 96 pounds if I continue this way lol

Constant Writer said...

Please don't weigh 96 pounds! lol--I am definitely going to check out that website though. I think I need something else to track my goals/progress because I put so much more time/effort into my financial tracking that diet/nutrition stuff is a little out of my league.
Thanks again for the tip! Glad you're kicking so much butt on your plan so far ;)

Outnumbered said...

yeah i will definitely tone it way down before I get to 96 pounds haha! I am still trying to figure out some of the quirks of the website but the more you do it the more it makes sense