Monday, April 11, 2011

Something new for me

I have been, what's the word...inspired? Enticed? Coerced? Into a new challenge.

Steve's mom is participating in "The Healthiest Loser" challenge through work, and she is so excited about it that she is expanding it as far as she can, which is awesome. I feel if you're going to have success you need support, so this is really cool to hear. While we were out to (a low cal) lunch today, she started telling me about it. I got really intrigued by all the focus the program puts on life balance and goal setting. So when she asked if I wanted to do it to, I asked if she would send it to me for me to look at. Next thing I know, I have 2 weeks worth of challenges and goals to set. I guess I'm doin it!

Week 1 begins tomorrow for me - but I had to go through some major paperwork today and important pointers.

For Goal Setting-
1. It is important to make sure your goal is something you really want, not just something that sounds good.
2. My goal can't contradict any of my other goals.
3. You should write your goals in the positive, not the negative.
4. Write your goals in complete details.
5. Most important is to simply write your goals.

There is also a lot of focus, as I mentioned, on life balance:
Build small breaks into your day.
Be willing to ask for help.
Use all of your vacation days.
Seek out time-stretching options.
Practice saying "no."

Ok, here we go....
Goal Setting/Life Balance Worksheet
My Goals for the healthiest loser program:
1. Lose 10 lbs - weigh 125lbs -- I will achieve this goal by June 7, 2011
Steps I will take to achieve this goal: a. eat better, b. exercise 3 times a week
2. Re-shape my abs -- I will achieve this goal by June 7, 2011
Steps I will take to achieve this goal: a. doing crunches 4xs a week x100 each time, b. doing reverse crunches 4xs a week x100 each time
3. Reduce my risk of diabetes -- I will achieve this goal by June 7, 2011
Steps I will take to achieve this goal: a. Only one Starbucks a week/drink more water, b. Cut sugar intake significantly

Life Balance:
Level of Satisfaction Desired Level In 8 Weeks

Exercise 4 8
Nutrition 6 8
Sleep 6 8
Mind/Body 8 10

I want to achieve these goals because : I've been complacent about my "fitness" and weight and I want to see a change. Diabetes has recently become a concern for me so I want to eliminate it as quick as I can
I will increase my satisfaction levels by : making more time for myself by giving and allowing small breaks for myself throughout the day. I will also say "no" when I can't handle other people problems and I will expect others to shoulder as much responsibility as I do. I will prioritize the things that I want and need to get done.

My mental health worksheet feels pretty private as I fill it out, so I will just say that support, relaxation, lifestyle, and personal interests are important. As is loving yourself from the inside out.

6 Weight loss tips:
1. Scan and plan - know what your food plan is and when to expect temptation
2. Tweak your sleep schedule - your diet doesn't take a break on the weekends
3. Invent incentives - put aside money for every pound you use and save it for a reward when you reach your goal
4. Remind yourself - wear a bracelet or carry an inspirational quote in your wallet that is significant of your goals
5. Find Support
6. Commit

5 Food habits to kick:
1. Rushing through your meal
2. Eating as multitasking
3. Eating because you are bored or stressed
4. Cleaning your plate
5. Always having meat as your main course

If anyone wants to participate let me know and I'll pass along the paperwork and share the websites with you -- Looking forward to swimsuit season :)


Constant Writer said...

I think this sounds totally awesome and I'm so excited for you! However, as much as I'd like to join in, I know I wouldn't be able to commit to anything until I'm finished with the semester. The necessity for ice cream, beer, and pizza should have diminished by that time. Good luck! You should post updates on how it's working out! Maybe it'll inspire some of us too ;)

Outnumbered said...

haha I don't blame you! If you want all the info to do it on your own at a later time just let me know if you want me to send you the info ;)