Monday, April 18, 2011

My baby is now a dirty, bleeding, rough and tumble boy

And he has the scars to prove it....

Poor kid, after nearly decapitating himself in the back yard Saturday, we decided to branch out to the park.

He rolled his bike (while still on it) down a hill, taking a beautiful layer of skin off his knee (he won't let you see it in the picture because he thought it was too yucky).

Then he gave the swings a try - this is huge because he used to be terrified and scream if I took him near. Well he took a tumble and landed on his head, but he got right up and dusted off and got back on. When he was playing with the gravel and dirt directly under the swing though, the wind gusted up and knocked him square in the eye with the swing.

He insisted on putting his helmet on to ride home even though he was dripping blood the entire way.

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COmeetsNE said...

Oh goodness! What a weekend! I can't believe he is getting so big and old.