Monday, April 25, 2011

An Eggcellent Adventure

Was that too cheesy? It was huh? Parenting is all about the cheese factor, so there you have it.

Aiden got a wonderful helping of Easter fun on Saturday at the children's museum. I don't think I have ever been before - certainly, I would have remembered such an awesome place. Minus the train room, this place is a parent's dream, and the train room really isn't so bad other than the fact that Aiden knows where it is by memory and refuses to leave once he sits at a train table. Oh, and the sharing factor between kids in the train room is sub-par but that's just me complaining about other people's parenting skills....

Anyway, he had such a blast. We played for such a long time outside with the bubble machine.

(Please enjoy the conversation that Maria and I are having in the background - or turn your sound off if you don't want to listen to us talk about cameras and hair..whatever)

And I kept hoping (against hope) that he would want to take a picture with the giant fluffy bunny, nope. I settled for some photos with the Easter bunny in the background though, who needs a screaming kid?

I did get a picture of him *nearly* petting a real bunny though!

When we went inside, there were so many things for kiddos to do, I was astounded!

Aiden got to paint
And he went fishing....

And most exciting - they have a little supermarket - for kids. It is uncanny the way those kids know what to do. Aiden, my little mischief maker, cut in line, stole someone else's groceries, and very methodically stole someone's cart all together!! It was hilarious...

We had such a fun day, unfortunately I spent the evening and most of Easter not feeling well. But Aiden knows how to make me feel better - today, he asked if he could go pee (while at Grandpa's house) and then he went to the big toilet (we don't use training potties because they are stupid) and took off his pants and diaper, sat on the toilet and went pee.

He can brighten any day :)

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