Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Another Manic Week

Can I get a sigh of relief with a side of nap please?

Zoo project: done
Final Georgian lit paper topic: Done
Half-way through 4 books: Check
One last birthday hu-rah: Done
Every last dirty sock: Washed!

I am exhausted. And what's more is I can not figure out how Aiden is not equally exhausted. 

After a grueling week at work last week and a busy busy weekend, he seems continually wound up while all I want to do is sleep for a day. Over the weekend, my room mate and I celebrated our birthdays together - mine being nearly two weeks ago and her's coming up on Wednesday, we decided to share the occasion with a magical trip to White Fenced Farm. As always, the corn fritters were stellar, the chicken - not so much. But it was a nice break with the ordinary and a chance to just hang out and be silly for a few hours.

After dinner, we went home and played some drinking games - you can tell by the game how drunk the players are. While we were still relatively sober, we were enjoying a trivial knowledge game, and by the time only half of us were still standing, Quarters had turned into Moose, which turned into bounce a beer pong ball into an ice tray, which then became Jenga on top of King's Cup.

The weather was so pleasant we even had a small fire in the back yard to celebrate the Spring evening we were enjoying so much.

Unfortunately, the house was one big mess the next day. Thank goodness I wasn't hung over, but all the same,   I think it is time to take a break from throwing parties of any kind at our house. I just find my self less and less willing to play clean up crew to the mess of the masses more and more each time it happens.

Saturday evening, we headed to the lake to spend some time with Steve's parents, and mostly so Steve could hang out with his lake buddies. I was not feeling well at all after a massive allergy attack and spent the evening in bed and after the clean up on Saturday morning, boy am I glad because our house didn't even compare to the mess Steve and the rest of the pirates made overnight Saturday.

Sunday I decided to be as active as possible since I slept in so late the day before and was in bed like a lame-o all night. So, while at the lake, Aiden and Grandma and I took Kane Buggey for a walk. Aiden wanted to be in charge of the leash of course....

I can see the tangles starting...

Not even sure who is leading who

Finally in charge of this dog walking business

Once we loaded up the car and hit the road, Aiden crashed. I knew I was in for it - I could sense the sleepiness coming off of Steven the whole way home and knew Aiden would be raring to go once we got there. I kissed my homework time good-bye and devised a plan to wear him out.

One of Aiden's favorite past times is riding his balance bike. Well, walking it really. Unless he puts the full force of his butt and body weight on the seat, the back wheel kind of drags behind and doesn't spin. This makes the whole activity much more tiresome for him, but he is usually so excited about it that he doesn't notice until he's done that he has had a massive work out.

So we set off, he "rode" his bike all the way to the park by himself, maybe a 1/2 mile distance, maybe. It took us an hour to get there because it was all uphill, and he kept stopping to ask if he could ride in the street, or to wait for me with the "One, Two, Three, GO!" cue.

Notice the hill and the determination in his face

But the excitement goes on for miles!
After we got the park, well, let me rephrase, when Aiden saw the park, he dropped his bike about 200 yard from the play ground for me to carry the rest of the way. Because there is but one thing better in the world than bike riding - slide sliding! And boy did we slide.

so excited he didn't even take his helmet off first

Of course he goes head first, is there any other way?

we tried some other things too

But nothing compares
We only played for about thirty minutes since it started to get cloudy. I figured the ride home would be easier, going downhill - but then again I had to anticipate that the ride to the park plus the playing would catch up to him at some point. So we set off on our downhill journey - boy was I right. He got grumpy, and he stopped every 10 feet to ask why he couldn't ride his bike in the street, and I was carrying Aiden (who was unwilling to be carried) and his bike for the last block and a half. I'm not sure who got more exhausted...

Anyway, we got to use our grill for the first time Sunday night and had burgers together as a family. Aiden of course, spent the entire meal proving to me that my plan to tucker him out was not successful...

Go on, ham it up....

By the time he was in bed, I reflected to myself - holy cow, it starts all over again tomorrow?!? Luckily, this week marks my last Anthropology lecture (I get a week off before the final) and I will be meeting with my Georgian Lit professor to hammer out a solid thesis from that topic (slowly it will become a 10 page paper...) and if I am lucky at all I will get at least one book finished and be forced to choose my next read - I think I'll be going for and "easy-cheesy" title this time...

As always, I hope no one else's hair is falling out!

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