Tuesday, May 31, 2011

98 Days til Labor Day

Of course we had to kick summer off at The Lake. Unfortunately, The Lake didn't agree about what season it is now. As a result of so much wind and rain, we got to spend the weekend looking longingly at the white capped water from the shelter of various porches while holding beers and praying for an hour of sun.

It may have been less than exciting but it was relaxing and hopefully restored enough energy for me to start my next summer class today. Anyway, some highlights...

Bath time!
Because we can only dump so much water down the drain, this is how Aiden bathes at the lake. He's been doing so since he was about 6 months old. We fill the bucket and whatever he doesn't splash out gets poured on the flowers outside. I have a feeling he won't fit in the bucket 98 days from now...

Aiden got a fishing pole from Papa Deiker for Easter and discovered this weekend that he LOVES fishing.

First fish!
Well ok, he didn't catch the fish himself, but everyone let him take the credit. If he keeps this up though, we will be having a fish fry in no time at all! 

Helping clean
As happy as he was to come home with a fish he wasn't sure that he really wanted to touch it, so he helped Papa clean it from a distance.

Exciting Stuff!
Aiden was so over joyed with fish this weekend that his fascination with monkey noises and books may have been replaced by fish faces and fish books. This is an interesting development, since according to Aiden, monkeys make loud screeching noises, and fish make quiet kissy-faces...I am thrilled :)

Aiden also got his hands on some supposedly washable blue colored bubbles. And then the bubbles got on his hands. Then his hoodie, his mouth, the deck, the walls, the shed, the grass...big mess. they have officially washed off everything *mostly* except the deck, which was already blue so now it just has some lovely accents.

Even though we didn't get any water time, the boys were very busy getting the boat ready all weekend.

Aiden also took up an interest in other slimy creatures this weekend. Of the hopping kind. Yep, we caught frogs.

And kept them over night in a bucket.

And watched them very carefully.

Kane Buggey helped.

And in the morning when we set them free, Buggey tried to recapture them with his mouth and Aiden took his bucket out to the road to find more. Oh boy...this is gonna be "that summer."

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Constant Writer said...

I heard those color bubbles aren't totally washable. Glad that you got them to wash off *most* everything. Awesome pictures! Love that Aiden is becoming a fisherman. Super cute ;)