Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gotta Keep Movin'

As soon as summer break began, it ended - but not without a bang!

This weekend was my best friend's bridal shower, I don't think I have ever been to one before but as I expected, it's mostly eating delicious goodies, opening presents and a silly game or two. What I didn't expect was to have so much enjoyable girl talk with the girls. It seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. There really is no remedy for the blues like a chat with the gals that takes you right back to the summer nights in high school. Sigh.

Bridesmaids enjoying some vino! MOH is too busy explaining the Silly Bandz Game

Bride to be


Naughty Time
After the shower I went out for a couple drinks with one of the girls which I rarely get to do - usually because of lack of funds, lack of time, or lack of sleep. We thoroughly enjoyed a couple "Sex on the Baker Street's" as well as the extremely drunk man dancing to the live 80s music at the back of the bar - his sexy repertoire included bird calls, shaking a bar stool above his head, and very very loud clapping. We also ran into an old friend of mine who I worked with at Elvis and chatted with him for a few minutes but all in all it was low key and I was in bed by midnight.

Good thing because Mother's Day was anything but restful. We had a BBQ at our house and enjoyed the sunshine - no one more than Aiden...

The water was pure mud about 15 minutes in
After some BBQ we went out to Clement Park to meet up with Steve's cousins. The guys played volleyball, the girls chatted over iced-tea, and Aiden dragged Grandpa to the swing set.

Aiden helping his second cousin Charleigh blow some bubbles

Stairs! Slide! Papa!

Showing Papa the bubbles
What a busy day, and a busy end to my little vacation from school. Maymester started yesterday, and it's going to be a BEAR. I was unaware that my critical thinking would be focused in Virgina Woolf - in the form of 7 books, 2 oral presentations, a 6 page paper, and a cumulative final. I was also unaware that one of the available lit classes this summer is The Zombie Renaissance. UGH.

I also spent a great deal of the day yesterday hashing out final plans for a bachelorette party so that one of the other bride's maids and I can write invites tomorrow. It's a little eerie how well things are coming together so quickly, like this might actually be happening in the near future or some crazy thing like that....

Welp - here's hoping I don't take after Virginia anytime soon by putting rocks in my pockets and walking into the river...

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Constant Writer said...

Good grief! I had enough enough trouble with 1 V. Woolf book, let alone 7! You will rock the presentations and paper though. And a cumulative final? That is the beauty of summer classes--you're not in there long enough to forget anything!
Just remember that your summer classes will all be over soon, unlike during a regular semester, and I doubt you'll feel compelled to follow Virginia Woolf's end of life plan.
Good luck ;)