Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week Four!

Week 4 of Healthiest Loser started yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying The Fighter to blog...

Percentage lost this week: 1.1%
In Pounds: 1.4
Money Stashed: $25

This is crazy, I will be half way there by next Tuesday (I've completed 3 whole weeks so far) and I am already half way to my goal! I attribute this success to many things:
1. My roomies recommendation of Jackie's Extreme Crunchless Ab Workouts
3. Some difficult but healthy eating choices

Even though I am more than on track to reach my weight goal I am worried about my "abs goal" unfortunately, these things don't happen over night but I figure if I am not there when I get to week 8, I will still have a motivation to keep up the healthy eating and exercise.

As far as diabetes goes, I set an appointment today to discuss my risk factors and whether to get a blood glucose test. I'm not sure what's going on with my medical insurance right now so I might have to wait but if I can at least get in a productive conversation with the doctor it'll be very proactive.

I don't know if I mentioned before but, the healthiest loser challenge is supposed to be completed in a team (of 5) and since no one really seemed interested, I have been doing it myself. This weeks challenge was for the team as a whole to walk 25 miles over the course of the week or to beat that goal if possible.

Hard as I may try, no way will I be getting in that much gym time! So my goal is to walk 5 miles.

If you are taking on this task as well you should know:
Everything Counts!
- taking the stairs
- from the parking lot to the door
- on the treadmill
- through the grocery store

So it's important to just keep moving!

Happy trails!


Anonymous said...

I must have overlooked the team part, but if I had known you had to do it in teams I would have joined you! It would have made me stick to it better lol.

Outnumbered said...

I'm sorry I should have been more clear but it's not too late to team up if you want, all it really involves is checking in w each other every week but since we're not competing against other teams our total percentage lost each week wouldn't mean a whole lot unless we were just setting goals for ourselves to beat as a team. IE - we would say as a team, lets loose 2.5 percent this week.