Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Rare Form

Aiden has begun to explore the many facets of his personality recently. Sometimes he is shy. Sometimes he is loud, so loud your brain could melt. And sometimes he is a downright ham. I figure it's all a matter of figuring out best how to manipulate his parents and get what he wants...

Case in point - Aunt B's birthday party this past weekend. He wanted nothing to do with anyone and he didn't want to eat with the group. Until, that is, the birthday cake made an appearance. And then he flipped his little switch and got himself spoonful after spoonful of frosting...

See the more he appears to pout, the more frosting he gets.

Anyway, Aiden has made the last couple sick days a bit more bearable. He has provided awesome study breaks:

If one thing is for sure, Aiden loves that Boo dog :)

If anything else is certain, it's my through the roof stress levels. This makes no sense because school is done now (for a week) and I should be restful and gearing up for MayMester...

Potential reasons for stress:
1. Finding a new room mate
2. Planning a bachelorette party
3. Finalizing travel plans to NE
4. Cost of living going up, paycheck staying the same
5. No more medical benefits?
6. The fact that everyone seems to be pulling apart

How I plan to cope?
1. Enjoy Aiden's achievements - 6 requests to use the potty by himself in the last week
2. Keep my little fulfillments to myself - bragging doesn't make them any more rewarding, it only makes me a brat
3. Watch as many zombies with Steve as possible in the next 6 days - on the other hand I am really starting to worry about a pending apocalypse...
4. Mother's Day massage?
5. Finish my bookshelf :)

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